Sunday, October 30, 2011

10/29: Tampa Bay Lightning 1 Winnipeg Jets 0

The Lightning continued it's dominance over the Atlanta-Winnipeg franchise Saturday night with a 1-0 win. Roloson, who had been questioned since his last start (a 7-4 loss to the Panthers), was phenomenal last night making 28 saves to earn him the shutout. Lecavalier scored the game winner when he picked up a rebound on a powerplay and snuck it past an unsuspecting Ondrej Pavelec. Pavelec was also great in his net, stopping 26 of 27 shots for the Jets. Stamkos had the primary assist on Vinny's goal, giving Stammer points in his last 6 games. Recap link is below, along with video highlights if you're more into watching than reading.

Recap link:

Saturday, October 29, 2011

World Series Champs St. Louis Cardinals

I havent forgotten about baseball.. the St. Louis Cardinals and their unlikely run has finally ended, and it ended exactly how everyone in St. Louis wanted: with a World Series Championship. The Cardinals beat the Phillies, Brewers, and then the Rangers to win the 11th championship in franchise history. The team faced unfavorable odds throughout their entire run. As they were down a multitude of games to the Braves with just a month or so remaining in the season, most people wrote off the Cardinals. However, the remained tough and made the postseason. They were underdogs against all 3 teams they played in the playoffs, and faced some tough off the field issues in the mean time. The story of the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals is an inspiring story for not only baseball fans, but also people in general.

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10/29 Preview: Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Winnipeg Jets

Tonight at 7:00 PM EST a pair of teams of which are very familiar with each other meet once again. Except this time, one of the teams has a brand new look. The Winnipeg Jets pay their first visit to the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight. However the teams are very familiar with each other. The Jets, formerly the Thrashers, have struggled lately against the Lightning. After a solid start last season, the Thrashers lost several times to the Lightning. The Thrashers, eventually, would fall out of contention. More info on tonight's game can be found via the preview link.

Preview link:

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Lightning vs. Predators Game Recap Link

The Tampa Bay Lightning had ther 3 game winning streak halted Thursday night in Nashville. The Predators scored three goals in the second to pull away from the Lightning. More details via link:

Lightning vs. Predators - 10/27/2011 - Tampa Bay Lightning - Recap - 

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Cards, Rangers, Game 7

The Cardinals and Rangers tonight will finish what has been an epic World Series. With three comebacks last night, and finally a walk-off hit by David Freese, the Cardinals have guaranteed that the last game of the MLB season will be played tonight. Pujols has not been given a chance to beat the Rangers since game 3, but guys like Lance Berkman and David Freese have picked it up in support of Pujols. Chris Carpenter will get the nod tonight on three days rest, and will most likely be the biggest key to a Cardinals victory tonight. The Rangers will look to pitch better tonight as well in order to clinch the first World Series for the Rangers. Tonight's game 7 is, as I said on twitter, a MUST watch.

Reminder: Game 7 tonight is at 8:00 PM EST on Fox

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

10/25: Tampa Bay Lightning 4 Buffalo Sabres 3

The game Tuesday night between the Sabres and the Lightning was fast paced right from the get go. Less than 2 minutes into the game, Vanek took advantage of a bad bounce that Lightning defenseman Brewer couldn't handle and put a backhander through Garon to make it one nothing. Just 35 seconds later, it was 2-0 after a giveaway in the corner by the Lightning. The puck was thrown out in front of the net and Boyes was there to backhand the puck past Garon. It looked as if the Lightning were in for a beating, as their play to begin the game was just terrible.

However, the Bolts weathered the storm, and established a forecheck. Eventually, the Lightning's aggressive forecheck paid off. With the puck deep in the Buffalo zone, Lightning forward Connolly pressured a Buffalo defender and forced a turnover. St. Louis picked up the change, and threw the puck out front for a point blank one timer from center Lecavalier. Vinny's first shot was stopped, but he followed up on the rebound and made it a 1 goal game. The Lightning were sparked, and managed to tie the game with less than a minute remaining in the period. Once again, the Bolts manufactured a scoring opportunity through aggressive forechecking. Thompson flew into the zone and caused a turnover on the half boards. He brought the puck behind the net, and threw a puck into the goal crease that went off a defender's skate in through Miller for the tie.

On to the second period we go. The Lightning came out, with a less aggressive forecheck to start the period. In fact, there was no forecheck at all; it was the 1-3-1 scheme that Lightning Coach Boucher likes to employ in certain situations to slow down the game. The Sabres struggled a bit to establish any real offensive pressure in the Lightning zone. Eventually, Stamkos won a clean faceoff from Gaustad to Gilroy. Gilroy fired a shot that bounced off a Sabres defender, off of Stamkos, and through Miller's legs for the go-ahead goal. The rest of the period continued, with both the Lightning and Sabres showing surges, including several huge breakaway stops by Garon on Vanek. There was no more scoring in the second however.

The third period began with the Lightning back on their heels in the defensive zone as the Sabres desperately tried to even up the game. The Lightning and Garon came up big defensively, stopping the Sabres onslaught, while also killing several penalties. Once again, as the Sabres surged towards the end of the game, Lightning defenseman Clark makes a great block that bounces all the way to Malone in the neutral zone. Malone skates in all alone against Ryan Miller and scores on the breakaway to make it 4-2. Shortly after, Malone's goal is even more important, as Sabres' Gerbe scores from the point to once again make it a one goal game with 50 seconds left. The Sabres would continue to put the pressure on the Lightning defense, but the Lightning would prevail by a score of 4-3.

Three Stars
1st Star: Mathieu Garon
2nd Star: Thomas Vanek
3rd Star: Steven Stamkos

Official Stat Sheet:
Images Via Tampa Bay Lightning and Buffalo Sabres team site photo galleries.
Video Highlights

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Boucher: We Gotta Be Relentless

Lightning vs. Sabres 7:30 PM EST on Versus

The Tampa Bay Lightning and the Buffalo Sabres wrap up a home-and-home series tonight at 7:30 EST. The game will be televised nationally on Versus. For the Lightning, this is already their second appearance on Versus this season. Much can be said about the Lightning's start to the season. After eight games, the Bolts are 3-3-2. After winning the season opener in Carolina, the Lightning went on to lose the next five games before winning twice in a row against the Islanders and the Sabres. As bad as the 5-game skid was, the Lightning sit at 8th in the Eastern Conference with 8 points. 8 points in 8 games is never a bad thing, so the Lightning's start isn't as disappointing as it could have been.

Monday, October 24, 2011

'Pivotal' World Series Game 5 Tonight

The World Series between the Cardinals and Rangers is now tied at 2 wins each. Tonight's game will be 'Pivotal', as you all know. However, my point is the fact that EVERY game in any playoff series in any league is pivotal and important and any related adjective. Just something I wanted to say. The main reason such adjectives are used is to sell it. After all, networks like ESPN, MLB Network, and other related networks are, in fact, a business. They have marketing strategies like any other business would.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chime.In: A New Social Media Site

So I came across this new website called Chime.In. It's basically a cross between Twitter and Facebook, along with being what essentially is a blogging site with a different format. There are notifications, much like Facebook, followers/following, like Twitter, and of course status updates like both Twitter and Facebook. However, the status updates have a little bit of a different format. You can use it much like you would a blog post. There is a text box where your 'headline' were to go, and then of course you type in the body of your update in the box underneath it. I won't spoil all of the features here, go check it out here:

Of course, if you decide you want to use Chime.In, also be sure to follow me!

Tampa Bay Lightning 3 Buffalo Sabres 0

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shadow Squadron Paint Scheme

I've joined a group of players called the Shadow Squadron. The colors for the squad are red black and yellow sooooo  here's my F-15C with Shadow Squad colors..

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Assault Horizon!

Just a teaser for now, my custom F-15.

Closer look at the 'Galm' emblem.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Reminder Fans...

Just a reminder, I am still accepting requests for either music or topics on the page. If you have something you want to read about, or something you want to listen to, contact me.

Twitter: @Gabriel0430
Email: subject: Music Request or Topic Request
Facebook: Personal basis only

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Twitterverse

Okay so a few days ago, I posted an article about Facebook and a few tips on how to make your Facebook experience more enjoyable. For the past week, I've been trying to convert some Twitter 'non-believers' into Twitter nerds (like myself). Most of the time, when someone tells me "I don't like twitter!" or "Twitter is the butt hole of the Internet!" I simply reply with, "You only think that because you don't actually know how to use it." Most people who dislike twitter also do not know how to use it. I rarely run into a person who knows everything about twitter and dislikes it. Here are some tips/pointers for those who are new to Twitter, or even those who are Twitter veterans.

Mentions and Hashtags...

Every day, I see people misuse mentions and hashtags. It kinda makes me a bit sick, because it really isn't that complicated. Some people misuse mentions and hashtags by NOT using them. One way to create connections between yourself and others on Twitter is through mentions. Mentions are pretty self-explanatory: they are used to literally "mention" a person in your tweet. It is very similar to tagging someone in a Facebook post. If you want to get the direct attention of someone, or simply have a conversation with someone, use a mention. A mention, much like tagging on Facebook, includes the '@' symbol, along with the person's user name. For example, if I wanted to tweet my twitter crush, I wouldn't just type in her user name in my tweet. It might work effectively on Facebook, but with the large amount of information flowing through Twitter, it is nearly required for you to use a mention to get some one's attention. Incorrect tweet: "Angel, meet me at 3 today." A tweet like that would simply get sucked up into the Twitter universe, and won't likely be seen by the intended recipient unless she happens to stumble it. So, the correct tweet would be "@AngelRexasarous, meet me at 3 today."

Hashtags are a fuzzy issue, and even I have problems figuring out how to use them effectively. The way I understand hashtags, they are basically exactly like mentions, except they are used to 'mention' or 'tag' a certain topic or word in your post. If you were speaking of something specific, such as concerts, you may want to end your tweet with the hashtag #concerts. Now, this may be simple.. and it actually is. However, sending a tweet with 5 or 6 different hashtags becomes obnoxious, and therefore ineffective. Sometimes it is neccessary to send a multitude of hashtags into the twitterverse at once (I've done it before) just be sure not to make it a habit. Remember, you want people to enjoy following you and enjoy what you tweet.

Anatomy of the Twitterverse

One of the most important things on Twitter is accepting that you are not the center of the universe. On Facebook, you might be the center of everything (although I seriously doubt it) but on Twitter, even the celebrities aren't revolved around completely. Twitter is like a universe.. if you haven't noticed by my use of the coined term 'twitterverse' in the previous paragraph. However, it is an extremely unique universe. There are many objects floating around through the universe, like stars and planets. These stars and planets will be, metaphorically, the users of twitter like you and I. There are no solar systems in the twitterverse; as I said before, no one revolves around one person. Instead, stars and planets revolve around each other. Stars and planets will not grow and become more influential unless their followers grow along with them. In the twitterverse, stars and planets feed off of each other.

Alright, so enough astronomy for one day. My point is, Twitter is a social media site where everyone is successful only if everyone is successful. You as a Twitter user won't be successful if everyone around you isn't successful. The best way to use Twitter is to use what you are good at, something you consider yourself an expert at, and pass it on to someone else while, at the same time, absorbing the insights of others. Forget self-promotion: promote others, help others. Remember, in the twitterverse, everyone feeds off each other. Without the success of everyone, everyone fails.

Finding Your Niche

Finding your niche on Twitter is one of the most important factors to success on Twitter. Of course, a niche is a persons position in society; a role that a person fills with high effectiveness. My niche on twitter is sports; since I consider myself an expert on sports, I tweet about sports. You like concerts? Music? Video Games? Go ahead and tweet it. Try to dedicate yourself to one specific topic; one specific niche. Follow people who are related to your interest, make connections with those people. It is so much more entertaining to talk with a large group of people who actually like the exact same thing you do. Of course, it's also fun to speak to those with varying opinions on the same topic. To accomplish this variable sameness, you must seek out your niche, something you feel that you know everything about, and attach yourself to it. You may not see the effects right away, but becoming influential on Twitter takes time. Share your knowledge on your topic of expertise, while also being open to other opinions and information. There is a large amount of information on Twitter for you to explore; explore it with a generous, open mind.

Use Scheduled Tweeting

When you send out a tweet, it honestly doesn't last too long. The average tweet will only be seen by a few people. With all of the information flowing through Twitter, your tweet will show up on some one's timeline and quickly drop to the bottom. And of course, not all of your intended targets are on Twitter at the time that you tweet. Twitter, like everything else on the Internet, is a worldwide interface; therefore, you must consider time zone differences, along with the variety of personal schedules that every tweep runs on. The times that you are most actively tweeting may not correspond with my schedule. Therefore, if you want me to read something, I may not see it. However, using browser apps such as Twuffer, Buffer App, and When To Tweet can help you spread your tweets. This will help to maximize the exposure of your tweets, which is something that every twitter user wants to accomplish. Don't be afraid to send a tweet more than once throughout the day. Schedule a tweet to be sent at multiple times, especially during prime time (for sports, and most other niches: 5 pm - 9/10 pm Eastern Standard Time) when most people are tweeting. Of course, be sure to not spread your tweets to thinly or too tightly; sending the same tweet out in close proximity with each other can be redundant, while making the time that it is sent too broad can quickly out date your tweet, thus minimizing exposure. You want to find the right balance, in accordance to your audience.

While this isn't all you can do to maximize your effectiveness in the twitterverse, these tips are definitely a great way to start.

Twitter Scheduling

Edit: When To Tweet website does not function, at least not for me.

Other Twitter Apps

Montreal vs. Winnipeg Preview Plus the Rest of Sunday's Action

Season Preview: Tampa Bay Lightning

Season Preview: Vancouver Canucks

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Friday, October 7, 2011


Today is Friday, and i hope everyone has had a fantastic week! Concentrate on what is positive in your life, don't dwell on the negative. Keep your spirits up, and live your life as happy as possible. You won't regret it!

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Buffer App!

Great site that has me excited:

This is the perfect app for those who tweet.

Check it out

Malone Not Suspended: Shanahan's Explanation

In case you missed it, Ryan Malone made a questionable hit during the final preseason game for the Lightning this past weekend. Brendan Shanahan offers his explanation for why Malone was not suspended in this video.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Social Networking: 5 Facbook Tips

Alright, so I myself am not a Facebook nerd (I'm a Twitter nerd). I do use Facebook frequently though, as I have the android app.. which, to be honest, sucks. Most people think automatically of "Drama" when they think of Facebook. I have experienced drama through Facebook, and it is not fun. However, I've learned a few tricks in avoiding Facebook drama, while also just making your Facebook experience as much fun as possible.

You Don't Need Hundreds of Friends

Okay, so why do some people think it is necessary to have hundreds and hundreds of friends on Facebook? Chances are, most of your friends on Facebook you actually talk to very rarely. I doubt we all have personal conversations with more than 10 or 15 people for day. Even casual conversations don't happen with more than 100 people per day. So why have so many friends on Facebook? Why do some people feel that it is necessary to have 600, 700, or even over 1000 friends? It doesn't make much sense to me, and of course, it would be hard to manage your news feed with hundreds of people updating their statuses. So, be conservative with your Facebook friends. You want hundreds of 'friends', get on Twitter.

Don't Use EVERY Facebook App!

Many Facebook apps seem very attractive and very entertaining. Some of them really are. I personally like to see who likes/comments on my statuses the most. I like to pass my time playing certain games on Facebook. However, don't use every Facebook app you run into! A lot of Facebook apps ask to post on your wall for you. Sometimes you'll see one of your friends update a status with "Look what this father did to his daughter after this this and that happened!" and you wonder... what the h***, that's a dumb looking status. Well, it is dumb, and half the time the link doesn't lead you to anything but marketing campaigns that are trying to steal your money. Of course, these are automated posts, where a Facebook app acquires access to your account (via your permission) and just posts the stupidest things. Facebook apps, while they can be entertaining, can clog up your wall with dumb, minimally productive items that can cause unwanted headaches.

You Post It, You Deal With It

I absolutely hate when people complain about the attention they get on Facebook. Sure, sometimes you'll have that one person who is CONSTANTLY trying to get your attention via chat or inbox messages or even wall posts. But some people decide that having people asking them questions on their statuses is annoying. Well, if you post something on your status, chances are, if others see it as interesting, you'll get a reply! Usually, the personal problems that you are dealing with are interesting to others. It creates a sort of 'spice' in another person's life. People like gossip, whether you're male or female. Therefore, if you have something to say, but don't want to deal with others' comments, don't post it.

Personalize Your Profile As Much As Possible

One thing I do like about Facebook is the ability to give out as much information about you as you can possibly manage. Of course, too much of anything is a bad thing, but if you manage yourself the right way, personalizing your Facebook profile can be very entertaining. One thing I do recommend, however; do NOT put your address on your profile unless your page is business related. If your Facebook page is a personal one that is all about you (which most are) then don't place your address on your profile where your hundreds of friends (if you didn't listen to the first tip) can see it. Phone numbers are acceptable, as long as you are okay with receiving random calls/texts from random people at random times. And of course, there's your relationship status. This could be complicated, as everyone can see it. If you're okay with that, then go ahead and customize it! There is so much you can share about yourself on Facebook, just be sure that you actually want everyone to see the information you share.

Be Yourself!

The last tip: Be Yourself! There's nothing that a person doesn't dislike more than a fake person. This applies to social networking the same way it applies to the real world. Don't pretend to be someone else, because that could get you into legal problems, etc., which is another completely different issue. Don't try to change your personality, because it will be more stress than it is worth. Just be yourself! Don't be so hung up on trying to get others to like you. If they don't like you for who you are, then they probably aren't worth a lot of your attention.

Be sure to #Staytuned for more updates. I will be typing up an article soon on Twitter usage with the same format of this one. Of course, that one will likely be more in-depth than this one, as I am a Twitter-freak. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Preseason: Canucks 4 Oilers 1

Preseason: Wings 4 Leafs 2

Returning Shortly

I will make an attempt to return to regular blogging tommorrow, beginning with a weekly review. I was originally going to post a review last week, but that didn't work out mentally for me. I will be back this week, I just need to figure out whether I'm in the right mindset to manage a weekly review or not. #StayTuned