Monday, January 16, 2012

Via Bolts by the Bay: Tampa Bay Lightning: The Solution? Patience

After the Lightning’s loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins Sunday afternoon, woes from fans rained down on the team. Fans were immediately complaining about all of the issues the Lightning have. As if those of us who pay attention to the team don’t already know what is wrong. Maybe it’s the defense? Or the goal tending? Sometimes, it seems like the offense is a weak point as well. How about the character of the team? Oh, and what about the lack of experience with the team? We can go on and on about what the Lightning are doing wrong this year. However, if I asked you how to fix those problems, how would you answer? Most people do not know what to do with this team, and yet they still complain about how terrible the play is. This is why Steve Yzerman has his job as Lightning GM. This is why Coach Guy Boucher is coaching the team. They know exactly what needs to be done. However, as fans, we live for today. We don’t live for the next few years...more.

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