Monday, October 7, 2013

Twitter Quotes: Peter Laviolette Fired

Early today, the Philadelphia Flyers announced the firing of Peter Laviolette. The fact that he was fired is not what people are questioning; it's the timing of it. The Flyers have severely underachieved in the last three years, making the playoffs but choking in the middle rounds. In fact, the Flyers did not even make the playoffs in last season's shortened campaign. With all of the talent on that team, the firing of Laviolette was due. Well, it's overdue right now, and that is the problem. How do you justify his firing now, after three games this season? The Flyers have not won a game and have only scored 3 goals, while giving up 9. No doubt, this is not the start any team wants to have, but where's the true logic behind the firing? Why not fire Laviolette immediately after last season?

Normally I would only post a single tweet for articles in this series, but I've found multiple tweets that I would like to share. This should be fun.

Craig Custance, Senior NHL writer for ESPN The Magazine, essentially makes the same point I just did to begin this article: why bring him back?

Seriously? This is about the most arrogant statement that could be made in this situation. Indecisiveness is not deemed as justification, and Chariman of the Flyers Ed Snider seems to think so. Despite waiting for the summer, and firing a coach three games in, Snider wants everyone to believe the team "knows what they are dealing with."

This is the point I make against the Flyers management, what was the basis of his firing? Firing Laviolette three games in gives the impression that those three games served as the judgment period. That is a ridiculous notion. Any team with any coach can have a bad streak of three games, especially to start a season. This will be tough for Flyers fans to swallow I'm sure.

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