Friday, November 18, 2011

Gabe's Stream of Consciousness - More College Abuse

After analyzing the Penn State scandal daily last week, I found myself emotionally drained. I was deeply saddened that people (Sandusky, Paterno, etc.) could have such egregious lapses in judgment. What Sandusky did is obviously much worse than what Paterno did and didn't do, I don't deny that. Recently, Sandusky made a statement during an NBC interview, basically stating that he was innocent and only "horsed around" with the children in the showers. This seemed to inspire not only Sandusky's victims to speak out, but others as well.

As reported by ESPN, 2 alleged victims (former Syracuse University ball boys) of another abuse case have spoken out. Both said Syracuse associate head basketball coach Bernie Fine abused them sexually. I just heard about this story this morning, and I do not know the full story. Therefore, I will not be covering the story in detail. This segment isn't for me to discuss the Syracuse case in detail. I'm set to begin attending the Univerity of South Florida in Tampa next fall, so stories like this are a lot closer to me than you may think. I can't help to think, what if something like this happens at my school? These stories sadden me so much, and I'm not even closely connected with any of these educational institutions. I'm not planning on playing any sports at USF, outside of intramurals. Sadly, I think it may be in my best interest. With two sex abuse scandals rising into the media in the past two weeks, I start to wonder how often this really happens. It's scary quite frankly. I do hope to enjoy my time in college, but it makes me wonder: what goes on behind closed doors? I encourage all of my readers to not hide anything you see. If you see something, or are approached personally in an inappropriate way, tell someone, anyone.

This post has not been edited. Stream of Consciousness posts are typed without revision, apologies for any errors. I understand that these cases are very sensitive. If you have a comment, please let me know civily via Email or twitter. Twitter handle on the left bar.

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