Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gabe's Stream of Consciousness - Penn State

This is the first of what I will call a 'Stream of Consciousness' post. Basically, I will just speak about a certain issue impulsively, depending on what comes off the top of my head at the time. It's not a planned article, it's strictly impulsive. It can be compared to something like a dictionary or journal entry that I want to share with you, the audience. Tonight's topic (a very predictable one)........

Joe Paterno and the Penn State Case

If you've been keeping up with the news lately, you already know what's going on at Pennsylvania State University this week. A sex scandal investigation revealed that assistant coach Sandusky had molested several children (Penn State football players) in the past few years. Now, I do not know all of the facts, and am not here to inform you on the facts of the story either. Rather, I want you all to know how I feel about the situation. Joe Paterno, the head coach of Penn State's football team, has been under heavy scrutiny. Last night, he was fired, after coaching since 1966. Now, my first question is... why do you let someone coach an organization for that long? Does it make sense to have such an elderly coach (Paterno is currently 85) coaching a College Football team? At 85, no one should be coaching any team in any league! And Paterno hasn't even won a championship or competed for one since forever ago.. the 70s or 80s is the last time PSU won a national championship, if I remember correctly. So how did he manage to remain in his position? Simple: we as a society forced a mythology, a deity, onto Paterno. We put so much power and recognition into Paterno that we were blind to anything else. Common sense would tell us that Paterno should have been out way before all of this happened. When we enforce deities on human beings, things can get dangerous, and we've seen an example of that this week.

Now let's focus on the victims, something not many people seem to be doing. How do you think they feel? Hey PSU students, do you think those victims, you PEERS, would want you supporting Paterno? Think about what you are supporting! Paterno didn't do anything illegal, but he didn't know enough to protect the victims of Sandusky. Therefore, why support him? The victims are suffering while thousands of students are protesting Paterno's firing, wishing he would stay back. Well guess what folks: think about what you're supporting. Stop worshipping Paterno, he is only human.

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