Monday, September 12, 2011

My Take On the Red Sox, Yankees.. and Rays?

This comes straight from my twitwall page. I wrote this a few hours ago today.

Alright so if you've been following sports, you know the Rays swept the Red Sox in a three game series at the Trop this weekend. Also over the weekend, the Yankees lost two of three to the Angels, barely salvaging the series yesterday afternoon with a one run win. The Rays are hot, the Red Sox are not, and the Yankees are average. Is there reason to panic if you are in Boston, or even New York?

I was at Tropicana field for Sunday's game and I could say one thing: the Red Sox stunk. They just stunk. The one positive was a Marco Scutaro solo homer. Other than that, the Sox looked hopeless. Within three days, the Rays stole all of the hype away from the Red Sox and, quite frankly, shoved it in their face. Just the body language, not only Sunday, but throughout the entire series, was enough to tell you who really wanted to win.

I didn't really see any of the Yankees-Angels games, but my take on the Yankees: If they don't fix themselves, the Rays will catch them. The Yankees aren't immune to collapse just because they are in front of the Red Sox. They have just as many questions in terms of pitching as the Red Sox do. The offense will always be there, but we have seen it in the past few World Series: pitching wins championships. Phillies and Rays in 2008 had amazing pitching staffs, although Philly had the better group, hence the win for Philadelphia. In 2009, the Phillies rode their pitching once again to the World Series, but lost to a more consistent Yankees staff. And just last year, the Giants, with their lack of offense, won the World Series against the Rangers. All of these teams had great pitching staffs. If the Rays can make the playoffs, they have a great chance to make the World Series and even win it.

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