Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rays Beat The Red Sox Yet Again

Despite the fact that the Red Sox are ahead of the Rays in the standings, it doesn't seem like the Red Sox have what it takes to make the playoffs. After losing 6 of the last seven against the Rays in less than two weeks, Tampa Bay is only 2 games behind the Red Sox. This is quickly becoming an extremely scary situation for the Red Sox. While the Rays have phenomenal pitching, the Red Sox do not. Outside of Jon Lester and Josh Beckett, the Red Sox have absolutely no pitching. Well, Papelbon has also been great this year, but other than him and the two starters, the Red Sox don't have too many solid arms. The Sox offense is definitely more explosive than the Rays' offense, but we have seen in the past that good pitching beats good hitting any day. As the season quickly comes to the end, my take on the AL East is Rays in, Red Sox out. Sorry Sox fans (including me) but this year just doesn't look promising. In fact, this year may be the year of the monumental collapse for the Red Sox Thanks to ESPN for the image.

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